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OSS Philosophy

The OSS Philosophy

A Proven Business Model
We focus on servicing a select clientele of security conscious clients with high service standards. This enables us to create programs that are individually designed and most responsive to the unique security and management needs and expectations of each individual customer.

Strong, Local Management Team
We believe that success begins and ends with a strong, local management team that is committed to quality. Our team operates with an anticipatory approach to program development, rather than a reactive approach.

Responsiveness to Clients
We make certain that our clients possess the immediate availability of our top management twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Nothing less would fit our total commitment to you and your organization’s success.

The Best People
We believe that top quality people deliver top quality results. To ensure we have the best people, we employ a rigid hiring process. Criminal records screening consists of felony, misdemeanor and other criminal records checks. Also completed is a thorough prior employment verification, a ten panel drug test and multiple interviews. This level of selectivity, along with our employee recognition programs, minimizes employee turnover and maximizes the value of your security program.

The Best Training
The best people flourish with the best training. Our corporate training department manages all new officer training, quarterly training requirements, and special training needs. State-of the art, interactive computer based training modules are custom developed to train general security knowledge and site specific knowledge. We believe a well-trained officer reduces risk and adds to the safety and security of everyone involved.

Quality Assured
We believe that a robust Quality Assurance Program is the capstone to a quality security operation. Our quality assurance program is executed to ensure that a member of the corporate management team meets regularly with officers on every shift. This program is designed to ensure performance and demonstrate concern for our employees’ welfare. Finally, our customers are provided with the documented results of these visits.